Deluxe Barn Owl Nestbox

Roughly made nestboxes are unsightly and invariably unstable in a “tree” location. This box is finished with architrave trim and brass fittings that will aesthetically fit in any location – even your front garden! Crafted with care and precision and handmade in Bridport with quality materials and FSC approved timber (ethical and sustainable).

Strongly engineered, for mounting in a tree, this box is of robust 12mm structural hardwood plywood (to EN314 Class 3) with an internal frame of 20 x 38mm treated timber glued and screwed (zinc plated hardened steel) together with a 210 x 455mm landing tray and large, brass hinged access hatch for ease of cleaning.

Treated externally with a two coat “Osmo” finish to protect from stain, rot and mildew, and roof clad with mineral felt it offers high weather protection even in the most exposed locations.

A 374 x 610mm (0.23 sq m) nesting chamber is ideal size for a breeding pair of owls and young, and the overhanging roof affords some protection from the elements, whilst the 40mm upstand to the landing tray safeguards the young from falling out.

Locating the nestbox appropriately will enhance the chance of successful habitation: Mount in a mature tree with a high canopy at least 3 metres above the ground and facing away from prevailing winds. A clear access and flight path are critical without obscuring foliage. Designed with roof mounted eye for ease of rope hoisting into position. Drilled for three fixing points using 7 x 150mm heavy duty timber drive screws (supplied).

Made to order (minimum of a three-week lead time please). We construct engineered bird boxes of all descriptions to order and are happy to consult with our customers to achieve the desired result.


Width: 645mm   Depth: 580mm    Height: 655mm   Weight: 15.4 Kg




Mounting bracket assembly for fixing to tree trunk £15:00

Delivery: Personal delivery may be arranged within 50 mile radius: £ POA

Installation may be available upon application and method required: £ POA

Nesting cameras: Various options include; wireless, upwards no. of cameras, recording facilities, motion activation, pc links etc. From £75:00

Tree trunk fixing kit:

Constructed of 2 no. 47 x 47mm treated timber

 sections; one bolted to the Owl box, the second (tree plate) to be mounted horizontally and centrally on the tree trunk at a height of at least 3 meters above ground using 3 no. 7 x 150mm heavy duty timber drive screws (supplied). It has 2 no 50 x 100mm galvanised mild steel angle brackets attached.

The box may then be lowered onto the tree plate and secured with two 5 x 70mm screws.

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